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IFBB Pro Athlete- Classic Physique

Amateur titles and competition history:
2x Musclemania California Champion
4th place Musclemania Worlds
2x Overall Pacific USA Champion
8x Muscle Contest Class Winner
2016 USA: Won Pro Card

Pro shows:
2016 3rd place Pacific USA
2017 3rd place Fit World
2017 6th place Karina Nascimento
2017 5th place Pittsburgh Pro
2017 9th place New York Pro
2018 6th place Arnold Classic Ohio
2018 2nd place Hawaii Pro
2018 1st place Fit World
2018 6th place at the Mr. Olympia in Classic Men's Physique


Born in a small village in northern Iraq, Dani Younan knew by the age of 11 that he was born to be a bodybuilder. He was constantly inspired by his father, who abandoned his own bodybuilding dreams due to environmental hardships. At 14 years old, Dani moved to the United States and began to cultivate his passion for bodybuilding. Working hard to earn a living meant late nights at the gym and sheer determination to reach his goals. He continues to be motivated by his father and role models such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who encourage him to harness any challenge as inspiration to rise above.

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